Best Workout and Diet Plan for Busy Moms (from a Busy Mom of 3)

I bet you Googled how to lose weight as a busy mom multiple times like me. Here’s what will actually help you.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably Googled the best workout and diet plan for busy moms plenty of time only to find unrealistic plans that don’t fit in with your schedule.

As a busy mom of three kids (10, 5 and 1) who struggles balancing diet and exercise while working part-time from home, I love when I hear about a solid diet and exercise plan for both a working mom and stay at home mom.

Here’s the best work and diet plan that’s worked for my busy lifestyle.

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Failed Attempts at Losing Weight as a Busy Mom

Woman walking with your child in stroller, which is a great way to lose weight for busy moms.

I’ve heard the many tips for losing weight for busy moms. They’re all the same:

  • Drink more water.
  • Get a full night’s rest because then you won’t stress eat from fatigue.
  • Eat more protein and cut out carbs.
  • Meal plan and prep.
  • Walk 20+ minutes a day.
  • Don’t eat after 9PM.

Ideally, these tips are really great but as you know, managing a household with three kids is hectic, and I struggle to really stick to a plan that works for ME personally.

Things like drinking water is easy but getting a full night’s sleep might not happen some nights; although it’s getting as my baby gets older.

Because I am thinking so much about the kids, thinking about how to actually lose weight and stick with it is hard. That is, until I started shifting my mindset about weight loss.

Balancing Diet and Exercise with Parenting

Salmon, nuts, strawberries, eggs and avocado are part of a key diet plan for busy moms.

Because balancing diet and exercise with parenting feels out of my control, and everything I Googled or even programs I paid for didn’t seem to work the best for me, I really needed help.

After talking with several busy mom friends who have lost weight, it’s all about sticking to a plan long term. To stick to a plan long term, they said you have to:

  1. Accept that weight loss that stays off will happen over a long period of time. There is no lose weight fast plan.
  2. Learn to reframe weight loss in healthier mindset, which is to focus on eating healthy vs. losing weight.
  3. Be kinder to yourself and not feel like you need to go at it 100% since this is a long-term game. You can do things like add more veggies one meal a day vs. trying to eat healthy every single meal of the day.
  4. Work with someone who’s going to custom a workout and diet plan specifically for your schedule and time frame.

Best Workout and Diet Plan for Busy Moms

The best workout and diet plan is one that works for YOU!

Seriously, you can Google and buy all the workout and diet plans ever but it’s not going to be easy to keep up with if it doesn’t account for your:

  • schedule as a working mom or stay at home mom,
  • food budget,
  • ability (or inability) to meal plan,
  • diet vs. exercise balance,
  • and even what equipment you have (or don’t have) as a busy mom wanting to work out at home or the gym.

Customization is key in losing weight as a busy mom and even though that sounds like it can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be.

I recommend Anthony, a fitness and lifestyle coach, who is AFFORDABLE but more importantly, will listen to your needs as a busy mom.

Check out his customized 8-week plan here.

Best of luck with your customized workout and diet plan for busy moms!

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Workout and Diet Plan for Busy Moms

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